The Ghana Prostate Cancer Project


According to information posted on the web site of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the US National Cancer Institute, there is a significant ongoing study known as the Ghana Prostate Cancer Study. Information about this study is also available on the web site

The goals of this study are given as follows:

  • To evaluate how the impact of prostate cancer among West Africans compares to that among African-Americans
  • To conduct a clinical survey to estimate the incidence of clinical prostate cancer in Accra (including the collection of clinical and pathological data for the more than 500 prostate cancer cases diagnosed over the last five years)
  • To conduct a population screening survey to estimate the prevalence of prostate cancer in the male population of Accra (to include screening of 1,000 healthy men, using serum PSA testing and digital rectal examination, followed by biopsy confirmation as required)

It appears from the available information that the scope of this study is not exactly pan-Ghanaian since it is limited to information from selected medical centers in Accra and to a screening study in Accra.

We are not aware of any published data from this project as yet.

Content on this page last reviewed and updated November 2, 2008
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