Ishmael Norman’s Cross-Ghana Walk-a-Thon

ishmael-normanIn a few weeks time, Ishmael Norman, a 54-year-old Ghanaian prostate cancer survivor, will be starting a 1600-mile trip on foot and by bicycle from Half Assini near the border between Ghana and the Ivory Coast through Accra to Tamale in northern Ghana.

Ishmael works for the Ghanaian Institute for Security, Disaster & Emergency Studies (ISDES), and along the way his primary goal is to talk to the people of Ghana about emergency preparedness at a series of town hall-like meetings. However, since his own diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer, Ishmael is also planning to use this walk to raise awareness about prostate cancer in Ghana, and we applaud him for his efforts.

If you want to follow Ishmael on his journey, you will be able to do so through the ISDES web site. Prostate Cancer Africa also plans to work with Ishmael to get information about how his prostate cancer awareness efforts go along the way.

You can support Ishmael on his walk by making a donation to ISDES or you can walk along with him for parts of his walk to raise awareness.

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  1. We all pray for Ishmael in his courageous journey.

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